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Online Payment Landscape, Problem and Solutions in Nepal

I have been building websites and working online for 10 years now. I started doing this back in 2006 and following post is my experience about problems with online payment in Nepal. If there is one thing that has been a major roadblock for Technology companies from Nepal to compete in global scale then it is […]

Starting Afresh

For around a decade now i have been a freelancer.  I made websites for people, wrote content for them, did a bunch of other things but it was mostly for others.  I ventured multiple times to build things on my own but most of the times they got pushed back or i lost interest in them […]

It’s important to understand what identity isn’t

Identity is not a password, it’s not root access, it’s not your calendar, it’s not your email, it’s not a technical achievement, it’s not your location, it’s not a user account in a system, it’s not your contacts and it’s not a feature. The First Company To Build Your Identity Into Your Phone Wins The […]

I have a problem

Back in those days when i played cricket i was never a good finisher, i could never consolidate on game and always lacked confidence and had a huge huge inferiority complex because of an invisble force that is why i left that game but now same lack of will power is hunting me all over again and […]

Why did this happen?

Petrol Pumps don’t sell us petrol on credit. Each one has to pay money before filling their tanks but still.. Nepal Oil Corporation owns 1.2 Billion NPR to Indian Oil Corporation Why? Nepal is suppoed to be Number 1 in Asia in terms of Fresh Water Resources but still Kathmandu relies of expensive Water Tankers and Mineral […]

BIPA and the controversy within…

Mr. PM BRB got back from India and with him brought tons of controvery. Tons of people support him and many are just after him like they do for most people who talk a litle sense in context of Nepal. Yes, PM BRB has a postive vibe with him and dreams of changing Nepal but […]

1996 – 2006 — A decade past !

“I wrote this post around January 2006 but somehow didn’t publish it. It was in my Blog’s Draft ever since and i never checked what was written in it. Today, somehow i stumbled upon it. Yes, this post was written in 2006 and is getting published in 2011. Yeah, i know, i can get lazy […]

Fourth Bloggers Meet – Rocking !!!

Well, i attended my fourth Blogger Meet , this time it was more  fun than before as i saw many blogger face to face whom i only read in there blogs. There were altogether 24 bloggers joing in this time. The whole meeting was actually a debate between two groups , one who wanted to […]

New Media Ramblings

I read this in one newspaper yesterday : “Indeed it is quite conceivable that if you are not a knowledge worker today you may become the new poor”. And this made me though for a moment , i thought i had done good choosing my career in IT few years back , i dont know […]