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Get away with social entrepreneurship! Already

Ok, folks blog time, I know, I know you are pissed, I didn’t write for  months and suddenly here am I writing again.. bear with me.. as I don’t really get words or (time) or motivation to jot down what I feel but today I thought like I should write a word or two. Today I went to a sort of meeting/conference of Entrepreneurs For Nepal (e4nepal). Well, […]

What kind of tech startup is suitable in Nepal beside from web company?

Nepal is seeing some great new startups coming around with some decent progress. e.g,, These aren’t exactly Web Company but provide services from there website. Like Harilo bring US shopping to Nepal Esewa. Online Payment – Online Food Ordering Likewise, there are many more vertical completely open in Nepal right now without any competition. No one is trying to do anything yet. Online Book Shop (like amazon) […]

Working alone makes you crazy!

I have been working online for about 5 years now! First started working for a company that made website then I moved on to do my own things from home, sort of freelancing. When you read about freelancers in west they tend to solely work for local clients in their area. Few only think about working with overseas clients as they do not see the profit in it. […]

The Magic Bus and the Hippie Trail

I wasn’t born in 70’s and 80’s but i don’t know why i have so much fondness for the hippie and pop culture of that era. I guess being born in Kathmandu might be one reason, no idea but time and again i go on Wikipedia and read as many articles i can find out about that age and especially about the Magic Bus and the Hippie Trail. Many of […]

What a Shame!!!!

The recent “allegations” over the three Pakistani Cricketers for match fixing is a shame for Pakistan but above that it is shame for whole cricketing world. I am a crazy cricket fan, more so because my whole childhood passed playing cricket, almost 24 years i must say to be exact. I have been watching news a lot lately just because of these scandals going on (else, i don’t […]

I have never

Seen an Ocean Been to a swimming pool Flown Overseas Travelled on the roof of a moving bus Jumped Out of a plane or a bridge (Bungee **Scary**) Touched Snow – the real one, not that which is made in a fridge. Seen a 3D Movie Seen an Imax Movie Been on a roller coaster Smoked Gone Serious Trekking – though i live in Nepal Visited a dentist […]

Why 90% of small businesses fail in Nepal?

There’s a tendency in Nepal and a very bad one i must say i.e. whenever a person, anywhere in Nepal thinks of starting a business he or she thinks of Kathmandu. Either it’s an advertising agency, a SME or anything else all they think is starting it in Kathmandu and by starting Kathmandu i mean all they do is target the customer of that only city only. I […]

Some Good things and a lot of Bad Things

Following is a post from user bikalpapaudel on Mazzako Forum.  I though it was a good review about our condition so i have posted it here. You wont see anything concrete even for the next 7-8 years. But slight hints? You can get that all the time, provided you look for it. I don’t see what’s gone so bad as compared to the last 5-6 years. I mean most of […]