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Girja Prasad Koirala died On Saturday at around 12:10 PM. He has been one of the most controversial figure of Nepali Politics for last 25 years. Some praised his far-sightedness, some said he was a crook, corrupt and was the reason for Nepal’s current situation but whatever be your thought he was the one who was holding the Nepali Politics with one hand. The current question after his […]

Freelancing from a third world country

Office starts at 9 PM when rest of the world around you goes to sleep, you as web worker working from your home office prepare with tons of caffeine and boot up your system to say hello to client who have just landed in their offices in North America. Most of the posts that I see on Freelancing blogs are focused to freelancers in US, UK or any […]

How to Make Money Online?

I don’t know why but i get lots of search engine traffic to my blog who come here searching for “make money online” I see that keywords a lot in my stats. I have not written many post using that keywords but still folks come, so i thought i should really write something for them too since i too make money online. Make Money Online is something which […]

In Memory of Geocities: 1994-2009

Yahoo! is pulling down Geocities on October 26, 2009. What does this mean to me. It means a lot. Geocities was the first place where i hosted my first site back in 2003. It’s been 6 years now and i feel nostalgic about it. Something about Geocities: GeoCities began in mid-1995 as BHI, which stood for Beverly Hills Internet, a small Web hosting and development company in Southern […]

Western Union For Adsense comes to Nepal

You heard it right: See more info at Google Adsense Blog I hope now more folks from Nepal will be able to seriously see the online income. Good Step Google. Hope oneday Paypal also becomes full service in Nepal. fingers crossed..

How to Write about Muslims in Media?

I normally don’t pickup content from elsewhere and post it in this blog. But this one i thought was worth adding to this blog. This is an elaboration from Muslimah Media Watch about how to (or not to) write about Muslims and specially Muslims women in media. If anyone out there is listening then please follow these points. For complete post go here. Rule #1: Don’t assume that Muslim […]

Attending Wordcamp India 2009

I along with Deelipk will be attending Wordcamp India 2009 which is scheduled to be on 21st and 22nd Feb. 2009 In New Delhi. From the Wordcamp India Site: A two-day conference which brings together stakeholders and audiences of social media and blogging, centered around WordPress. Two very special guests – Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress & Om Malik of GigaOm are joining us. Date : 21st, 22nd Feb’09 (Saturday, Sunday), 9:00am – […]

New Delhi Musings Part -III

Please read the first and second part of this story before continuing here:  New Delhi Musings Part – I  New Delhi Musings Part – II Fast Forwards 2009 February 1 12:30 AM, I landed in New Delhi Station with an exciting idea and a vogue plan. This time my idea was to start my own Company in India. Yes, you heard it right; the same guy who could […]

New Delhi Musings Part -II

Please read the first part of this story before continuing here:  New Delhi Musings Part – I Fast Forward June 2005. I came back to New Delhi for a second attempt to get success. This time I didn’t focus on getting admission anywhere. Though I gave entrance exam for BCA (Hons.) in JMI but I didn’t cared about it. I had a different plan this time. This time […]

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