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New Delhi Musings Part – I

Time passes faster than you think. It’s only been around 4 years I came here looking for a job and now in 2009 I am back here with a completely different motive that most people of my age in this part of the world will dare not think about.

Back in 2005 in the month of May when I came here for the first time I had only Rs. 1500 (approx. $33) and I had to spend around 1 week with that money. Well, you may think that was a crazy idea but that was my bitter reality back then. I didn’t had a job, had to ask money from my parents and friends. 1500 bucks that I had back then was the total sum I had accumulated doing some data entry work and getting paid Rs. 100 ($1.5) each day for punching 100*8 pages long forms in to computers. Ahh.  Those days!!! That was hectic job but still I enjoyed it. I always wanted to forget those days considering a bad nightmare but they were reality and I know it won’t go back easily.

Though I have been blogging since mid 2004 but if you dig into my blog for earlier post you won’t find a single post about those days, which was because I never thought to document those memories. But last month before leaving my home I had a thought somewhere to write a post about those days.

So, here is my story of becoming a boy of nowhere to so called rockstar. (rockstar courtesy Deelipk) :).

“It all started in 2004 when my 12 standard exams ended and in spite of taking the normal route I followed advice of one of my friend to move to India.  His plan was to move to New Delhi but due to family reasons I stayed in Lucknow. It was a big city compared to Butwal where I belonged but after few months I found that it didn’t meet my expectation. After settling in Lucknow I joined Jetking to study MCSE ( Microsoft Certified System Engineer). Though that that dream is still not complete but at least I got the MCP certificate which meant I was Microsoft Certified Professional. That certification landed me in Hutch House UPE (currently Vodafone) as a trainee network engineer or whatever they called. It was a short term job for only around 15 days but it showed me the face of a corporate world or in a sense it made me addicted to work in a corporate lifestyle. That job and those fifteen days changed everything. My initial plan in Lucknow was to study BCA (Bachelors of Computer Application) but I dumped it and went around looking for job. Well, naturally I didn’t get a job anywhere but it landed me to a small data entry job which I happily took as it gave me some money and you won’t belive how much I was paid there. Re. 1 per form entered in their system and each form had around 8 pages. So, that was a huge task but paid very little, but as usual I was satisfied with it as I with my fast fingers and could rake in around 100 bucks each day. I did that job for like 3 months then.

Fast forward May 2005. Unsatisfied with my job and having no money to save and due to some major personal crisis I decided to move to New Delhi. My first intention in Delhi was to get admission either in DU or in Jamia Milia Islamia but as usual I didn’t get admission anywhere. This was first time I came to New Delhi. There is a saying in Hindi which many people in Lucknow said me “ Delhi me gum ho jaoge akele” which means You will be lost in Delhi alone. But that was me, I didn’t get lost, there was no one to help me, no godfather, no relatives, no friends. But still I all on my own managed to do everything. I stayed with one of my cousin who had a good job in New Delhi, but even he didn’t help me in anyway. That was the day I decided whatever I have to do in this world. I will do it all alone. I don’t need anyone supporting me. If I fail, I will rise again and move but won’t take any help.

My first stay in Delhi ended in less than 1 week. I had to go back to Lucknow since I had spent all my saved money (Rs. 1500). I got back and directly went to Butwal, where I planned again to get back to New Delhi in 1 month’s time. This time with more money and more courage. 

Continued in New Delhi Musings Part II