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Hey Folks…

My name’s Mohammad Tajim. I come from a small dusty town in western Nepal and believe me seriously, i don’t have snow capped mountains in my backyard neither have i seen Mt. Everest, though i plan to see it one day.

Over Here, i mostly post things that interests me, most of the times its related to Nepal, its start-up scene and its people, many a times about cool stuffs i find around Internet and some times i too post some rants here which you might be against or downright hate. Well, in that case, i will happily agree to differ from you.

So, enjoy the stay, make yourself at home and if you want send me secret stuff then you can email me at mtajim at I respond to each and every email. Plus, if you @tweet me over at twitter, you might get a fast response. On twitter i am @tajim.