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Girja Prasad Koirala died On Saturday at around 12:10 PM. He has been one of the most controversial figure of Nepali Politics for last 25 years. Some praised his far-sightedness, some said he was a crook, corrupt and was the reason for Nepal’s current situation but whatever be your thought he was the one who was holding the Nepali Politics with one hand. The current question after his demise which arises in Nepal is: What will happen now? Here’s what i think:

It will be shifted. I can sense it. Maoist will be the sole force now. No one can challenge them. NC is going to break. Sujata is too opportunist. I saw her giggling on the TV right behind her father’s immortal body. Deuba is too weak to face Prachanda and Baburam and no other leader in NC has support of their own activist.

Now it is only a matter of time and we will see whether Prachanda is true leader or just a fake. If he has the caliber then he alone will lead from the front.

Though i voted for UML in CA but i don’t believe them especially MKN. If he had slightest of leadership quality he wound not have taken the PM’s oath after loosing the election. They are just retard.

One more thing can happen, few new leaders can come in front like those of the likes of Gagan Thapa when they see NC breaking apart. I just hope this happens. We want some new bloods to run the country.

I live in Madesh but i don’t support any of the Madesh Badi Dal. They are plain opportunist and corrupt. None of them are fighting for Madeshi People. They even have no idea what madesh wants.

I am just being positive here.

Negatively, Maoist can take over the country dissolving CA and that too with support of Nepal Army. Yes. they can get there support. You never know.

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Lastly, once again, RIP GPK

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  1. Snigdha Avatar

    Like this post !

  2. Aakar Avatar

    RIP GPK. But we don’t know what next ?

  3. Bikalpa Paudel Avatar

    At the very end, the author mentions about the possibility of Maoists taking over, that too with the help of Nepalese Army — I consider it excessively far fetched.

    Of course, we cannot diss anything like that as impossible but it doesn't really look plausible. The international community is just too strong. Any kind of autocratic situation will have immense negative impacts on the support Nepal gets. Many skeptic people will loose faith in Maoists.

    The Maoists are a big strong force. They are necessary of making a new Nepal. I'm sure some people would rather call them hooligans but please respect the opinion/choice of many Nepalese taking part in CA elections. The Maoist party did come out as the biggest party. It has responsibilities — and they are cunning, they wont mess it up much.

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