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Working alone makes you crazy!

I have been working online for about 5 years now! First started working for a company that made website then I moved on to do my own things from home, sort of freelancing. When you read about freelancers in west they tend to solely work for local clients in their area. Few only think about working with overseas clients as they do not see the profit in it. But for me since I started working alone, I probably have worked only with 2 or 3 local clients. Majority of clients that I work with are from US, UK and other western countries. Last year I had written a blog post describing what it is to freelance from a third world country, all the benefits and advantages of doing so, but what I hadn’t written was the experience of doing it.

You start to feel lonely after sometime, you don’t see your clients face, maybe sometime talk on phone but that’s with it. All you see is their mail in your Inbox and occasionally some chat messages. You can find tons of articles and posts about how you can talk with people of Twitter, Facebook and IM but nothing beats face to face conversation and that’s one thing I miss most.

Yes, now you might say that you could organize Tweetups and Meetups in your town or city but that’s out of question because i haven’t found anyone in this city who works on internet and shares the same experience.

Today after living 22 years in this city and doing my whole school and college here when I walk out on streets there’s hardly a face I can recognize let alone call someone friend. Any why is so? The Brain Drain and probably me being way too much introvert!

Almost 70% of my school mates have left the country and rest of them just disappeared after we graduated from school. I hardly know anyone in the city where I grew up. Yes, I do have couple of friends still left here and they are the ones who are stopping me from going completely insane. Luckily!

As per insanity, well I have done some really insane things in past when I got really bored. Once I travelled 600 Miles to Delhi just to go and eat in Karim’s and sometime last year i had travelled 280 Kms to watch a movie in a Multiplex. Go beat that with insanity. I have no idea why I did that but probably that must have been the toil of working alone which got onto me. I get crazy and do crazy things just to keep my mind occupied.

I can’t believe I just wrote these things, probably because I am feeling way too much alone right now. 🙁

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  1. Abhishek Avatar

    Thats really hard thing !
    Kudos to you for going to Karims all the way from Butwal, thats insane true !
    Kind of same life going for me now a days.
    Move to some other place if you prefer or try to indulge in some work where you meet more people.
    Things will change with time.