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What kind of tech startup is suitable in Nepal beside from web company?

Nepal is seeing some great new startups coming around with some decent progress. e.g

These aren’t exactly Web Company but provide services from there website.

Like Harilo bring US shopping to Nepal
Esewa. Online Payment – Online Food Ordering

Likewise, there are many more vertical completely open in Nepal right now without any competition. No one is trying to do anything yet.

Online Book Shop (like amazon)
Tickets Booking
Online Music store

But biggest of them might be Credit Card Processing

Here’s how

Almost 90% of Nepali Banks offer SCT Debit Cards which is developed by only one company SmartChoice Techology and these cards do not work online yet.
Yes, The Central Bank of Nepal does not allows Credit Cards or debit Cards to be used for Foreign Exchange but how about Domestic Payment.

For an example, like in India, you can use your VISA Debit card to pay on a Indian website like or but they wont work on International site like amazon or ebay

Likewise, someone can collaborate with SCT and make those cards work with at-least Nepali website. A Payment Gateway kind of thing. This way you aren’t doing Foreign Exchange.

Now, you might say, SCT could do this themselves, but they aren’t doing it yet. Maybe they are too busy just handling the bank and debit cards locally so aren’t really focusing on taking their cards online.

Someone could chip in.

Just me 2 Cents.

2 responses

  1. s2krish Avatar

    This sounds cool, CC processing is big barriers…

  2. Roshan Avatar

    Its a shame that we still don't have credit card for foreign exchange. I am sure more start-ups would come with that as well.