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New Delhi Musings Part -II

Please read the first part of this story before continuing here:
 New Delhi Musings Part – I

Fast Forward June 2005. I came back to New Delhi for a second attempt to get success. This time I didn’t focus on getting admission anywhere. Though I gave entrance exam for BCA (Hons.) in JMI but I didn’t cared about it. I had a different plan this time.

This time my plan was to get a job in New Delhi. Fascinated by the Call centers and BPO in India, I started by giving interviews in all possible call centers and BPOs I could.  I even gave an interview in Convergys which is probably one of the biggest BPO in World. As usual after giving around 35 interviews in 15 days I got only one answer from everyone. “You are an undergrad, we can’t take you.” WTF! This is why I tell my two friends Salik and Deelip that you guys are way luckier, that you got a job in Delhi despite being an undergrad.  

Harassed by the situation I again got back to Lucknow which had become like a basecamp for me. A safe landing place. The returning journey back to Lucknow from New Delhi was kind of amusing. Since I could not afford a reservation ticket so traveled in a general ticket and had to sit on the pathway of the train because the whole train was jam-packed. Imagine sitting right on the door of a train traveling with a speed of 80 miles per hr. Awesome experience! I sure will never do that again.

After returning to Lucknow I got back to Data entry job working for measly Rs. 100 per day work. Around December 2005 I got another job of search engine optimizer in a small company based in Lucknow. That paid me Rs. 4000 per month. Not huge by any standards but still was a great relief for me since I no longer had to do data entry work. My work there was to build links for websites. I loved it but six months after the job the owner of the company fired all three people along with me whom he had hired for the SEO job since he could not benefit from our work. Disgraced by the situation I finally decided to start my online venture. I worked doing some small jobs online during that time but that didn’t payed since I had no way to cash my online funds.  I left India at this point of time.

Returned back to Butwal with plans to move to Kathmandu. Story of Kathmandu is also interesting and a lot painful for me but that will be posted sometime later when I will have guts to write down memories of those scary days and experience of living in an alley.

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