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New nepali Bloggers directory

I was planning for this one but  its already made by someoe else. A new nepali bloggers directory has just been lauched called It has a list of about 170  regular and non-regular blogs. This site is made by Archana Shrestha who is also an freelance web designer. The whole idea of the site is good i hope it will deveope itself more and more in future but one thing […]

Hello , everyone

Hello, I  am back once again, this has been going for a long time , i tend to quit blogging after sometime and again come back, i dont know whether my luck is bad or i am not to blog. But i will try my best till i succeed. This time it was really bad time. I was caught by  Cheimaphobia or Cheimatophobia  thats fear of cold. I actually […]

Terai is burning ! Anyone is listening

Terai is burning, and you may think what the hell these desis are doing. Are they planning to take Terai into India. For common people from hilly region or even people with Hilly accent living in Terai region, it must be amazing to see these madeshi buring buses and pubic property. But my dear friend, this was inevitable, people of terai were suppressed for decades. and when there […]

Ok. Back again

Finally, I am back again to Ktm. Wooh its cold here.  Went to see CAN INfotech 2007. Actually what i expected in CAn Infotech, i got the same thing – lots and lots computer institutions advertising there courses… and computer shops displaying then costly and badly configured laptops. Well i also got to see a Macbook for the first time but it didnt impressed me that much. Yeah […]

my new year resolution

I actually dont make resolutions , just follow what comes in front of me. But yeah i do make long term goals. I always think where i will be 3 years from now and till now  what ever i had been thinking for past 3-4 years all is just going fine. But yeah this year i have made one decision though, and that will be getting serious with […]

Hanging Hussein

This was the title i saw today morning on CNN and below it was the old face of Saddam Hussein. Sometimes i feel that what America is doing is good. They are always good.They are the powerful. I think they should now attack Iran and Syria too and hang Mahmood Ahmedijan too. But what i dont understand is till when will they keep fighthing for the name of […]

Why do i blog ?

I really dont know why i blog, maybe its because i like blogging or maybe i want to say things that i experience or may be just for fun. But whatever be the reason all i know that i blog and will be blogging. In my memory the first blog which i read was United We Blog ! but intially i didnt know that it was not a […]