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Online Payment Landscape, Problem and Solutions in Nepal

I have been building websites and working online for 10 years now. I started doing this back in 2006 and following post is my experience about problems with online payment in Nepal. If there is one thing that has been a major roadblock for Technology companies from Nepal to compete in global scale then it is […]

What a startup founder should be able to do?

If you thought life as a startup founder was all about fun and not being forced to report to a boss then think again:

I have a problem

Back in those days when i played cricket i was never a good finisher, i could never consolidate on game and always lacked confidence and had a huge huge inferiority complex because of an invisble force that is why i left that game but now same lack of will power is hunting me all over again and […]

Hacker Way, Being Open and Doing Bold Things

The Hacker Way As part of building a strong company, we work hard at making Facebook the best place for great people to have a big impact on the world and learn from other great people. We have cultivated a unique culture and management approach that we call the Hacker Way. The word “hacker” has […]

Go Hustle

If you are following Gary Vaynerchuk on Twitter and have watched his keynotes and speeches then you know what hustle actually means. I am a big fan of Gary and try to follow what he says.  If you do not know what hustling is then go follow him on Twitter and see how he engages […]

Fourth Bloggers Meet – Rocking !!!

Well, i attended my fourth Blogger Meet , this time it was more  fun than before as i saw many blogger face to face whom i only read in there blogs. There were altogether 24 bloggers joing in this time. The whole meeting was actually a debate between two groups , one who wanted to […]

Being a Web worker in a Third world country

Last whole month was a transition for me, Lost the job (actually I left it) got high fever, Cheimaphobia and Huh!  Also a kind of Information Overload, actually my last 5 years have completely been passed on Internet, and these days reading more and more blogs always leads me to information overload, and that’s a […]

Third Bloggers Meet …. really exciting with lots of knowledge

Attending the third bloggers’s meet was amazing this time . We had James Gomez a singaporean blogger who shared his thoughts on blogging and conditions in Singapore and lot more . I really learnt a lot from him . I think if we can bring such guest of honour in every meet , i am […]

Ok. Back again

Finally, I am back again to Ktm. Wooh its cold here.  Went to see CAN INfotech 2007. Actually what i expected in CAn Infotech, i got the same thing – lots and lots computer institutions advertising there courses… and computer shops displaying then costly and badly configured laptops. Well i also got to see a […]