BIPA and the controversy within…

Mr. PM BRB got back from India and with him brought tons of controvery. Tons of people support him and many are just after him like they do for most people who talk a litle sense in context of Nepal. Yes, PM BRB has a postive vibe with him and dreams of changing Nepal but the people around him aren’t planning to do that anytime soon.

I am not a economic analyst nor i have read much about BIPA so i am not going to comment whats in it. All i know about BIPA is that it is some kind of aggrement which provides security to any Indian company that invests in Nepal.

Well, when it comes to India any tom dick and harry in Nepal start commenting how about it is that we are dealing with India, we have sold our souls to India and are almost colonised by India but forgets the same thing when he goes to watch the latest SRK flix in swanky mall in KTM and eats popcorns which were probably imported from India.

I have a problem with this herd mentality of we Nepalese. We talk more than we do and almost all of the time that talk ends in negativity.

Coming back to BIPA, if you ask my thought on it, well, i support it. Frankly, speaking Indian companies have been investing in Nepal for decades now. I am not talking about big money investors but small time mom and pop business. What do you think all those Thakur dai’s who cut your hair, where do they come from, the folks who sell suntala-kera on streets. Yes, now you might say they come from Terai areas but majority of them come from across the border. Ask them nicely and the will say. These people don’t care whether Nepal does BIPA with India or not. They were here since long time and will be here for long time.

But as Nepal moves from agricultural based economy to a a industialized nation, we will need more than mom and pop business. We will need huge amount of capital to be invested in Nepal. Do you really think the newar sahuji’s of kathmandu are going to open their wallet and say go take my money and build a industry and neither they are going to do it on your own. A country which is obsessed with rent-seeking mentality does not sees the benefits in investing money in a business which they have to run day in and day out. They are happy to build a house and live on its rent.

We will need huge amount of FDI to develop Nepal. Even India which opened itself to forgein investment only in 1993 didnt build itself only depending on TATAs and Ambanis. It was the FDI that helped India get out of its debt and walk on development path. So, why do we have that reservation for inviting FDI into our own country? It’s not like businesses who invest 10s or millions of $$$s into Nepal will shut down their business abruptly and ask for compensation with Nepal Gov. Any business which invests that much money will want to maximize its profits by doing actual business and not go after the Gov.

It is we who have the problem, we don’t have the guts because we know we are going to create problem for them and we just can’t except the reality. Although MR, PM did the BIPA with India but it is his party which sees that as a problem because his party knows their main source of income is from harassing these big business and extorting money from them and what else than harassing Indian businesses in name of saving the Sovereignty of Nepal. His party knows with BIPA their main source of income will be lost and they might to resort to other tactics of extorting money.

MR. BRB needs to mend fences within his own party first then only can he move forward in completing the peace process and finally building the official constitution of Nepal. Until then Good luck, MR. BRB