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1996 – 2006 — A decade past !

“I wrote this post around January 2006 but somehow didn’t publish it. It was in my Blog’s Draft ever since and i never checked what was written in it. Today, somehow i stumbled upon it. Yes, this post was written in 2006 and is getting published in 2011. Yeah, i know, i can get lazy sometimes… 🙂 “


I still remember those days of 1996. Those were the early days when we ot first chance of watching private television on our TV. Those were the days when i was in school without any tension and fear , the only fear i can remember was of my teachers beacuse i could never get by heart those long multiplication tables . uff i still remember those days. I can still remmeber those days but now in 2006 it even doesnot feels like a decade has past. I had not even seen a computer in 1996 let alone internet but i was much eager even in those days if i heard anything about technology. Watching indian news channel were the only source of news in those days since there were no other television channesl in Nepal except state owned Nepal TV which did brodcasts only 8 hrs a day in those days.

Today i can feel that Technology was the only thing which motivated me all the time. My friends used to talk of movies and all other stuff but i got boar hearing them. In those days i had no such friend who would like Techno things but even i was also to confused about new tech gizmos which i used to get those days but i did liked them. In ‘96 i could not understand why i was affected to technology it was just like an infactuation which one feels when he is in Love but whenever i used to hear something that happened in America always used to make me shiver. So i even started watching Dennis the Mennace so that i could get some Western accent in my life. But i think watching those serial really brought a change in my life. My whole mentality was chabged watchning them.

Now here comes 2006 and my carrer is just getting started . I am in a new job and i have lots of plans for future. Lets see where i will be in 2016. A decade after 2006.

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  1. Abhishek Bhardwaj Avatar

    Super Cool !
    The best part is you haven’t edited it, its raw and i totally liked it.

    1. Tajim Avatar

      Yeap, i left it just like that.. all the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors…