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Fourth Bloggers Meet – Rocking !!!

Well, i attended my fourth Blogger Meet , this time it was more  fun than before as i saw many blogger face to face whom i only read in there blogs. There were altogether 24 bloggers joing in this time. The whole meeting was actually a debate between two groups , one who wanted to make a formal organisation of BLOGAN and one who dont.I personally think we should make it , what if someone else comes tommorow and registers BLOGAN formally, that will be bizarre.

The second agenda was about publishing a book on blogging and i was told to write some pages on “building blogs on WordPress” , well thats easy, since i am also working to make a e-book on “blogging and making money out of blogs” for my new venture so i think writing some pages will be more than helpfull.

This time i personally felt more better  , since there were only handfull of bloggers in earlier meeting and this time it was a huge one , i wish we can continue it and make some concrete stage for BLOGAN.

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    Im off the topic but folks lets poll if Vahsek should quit. He’s been thinking to quit lately.

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