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Tommorow never comes !!!

I really dont understand why people try to push every work to tommorow. Its really disgusting and ridiculous habit of we humans. Anything whihc can be done today is never done today . Most probably we tend to just – I ‘ll do it tommorow. This sounds very bad to the other person who wants the work to be done today or has urgent need of doing work but no , who cares about others. We are talking about New nepal and each and every person tody talks about oh we are going to have a new nepal . Bull Shit – I guess when time comes we may even say . We will have a new nepal tommorow. Specially we nepalese have more habits of saying tommorow. Why the heck we dont do things today . When will this atitude of us will change ?

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  1. fazle Avatar

    hi how is ur life running ? kabhi kabhi mail kar lita karo ! nice blog but uplaod somethin interesting or u have something interestin tell me.
    ok bye take care