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Third Bloggers Meet …. really exciting with lots of knowledge

Attending the third bloggers’s meet was amazing this time . We had James Gomez
a singaporean blogger who shared his thoughts on blogging and conditions in Singapore and lot more . I really learnt a lot from him . I think if we can bring such guest of honour in every meet , i am sure the number of members will tooo increase and there will be more things to talk and discuss about.

Second thing , i have a really very serious problem with . The site where i had bought that domain is gone and now i cannot modify the nameserver and the current site where i was hosting it created a lot of problem so we decided to close it and host at some other location , now the last chance for me to get that domain is , if i can transfer it somewhere else and it will take minimum of 7 days to do that. So , lets hopei can start once again

One more thing , i had a blog called , now i have started it. Still it has some 6-7 posts but i a posting it there regularly. I blog there about how you can blog and diffrent aspects of blogging . I have done so much research on the technical aspect of blogs that i thought to share them with others. If you have any question regarding any technical aspect of your blog , just shoot me a mail , i will try to slove it and if its a common problem, then i will post the solution in the blog.

 So that’s it for now

Happy blogging

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  1. Kathmandu Speaks Avatar

    Happy blogging.

  2. Tajim Avatar

    Same to you .