Being a Web worker in a Third world country

Last whole month was a transition for me, Lost the job (actually I left it) got high fever, Cheimaphobia and Huh!  Also a kind of Information Overload, actually my last 5 years have completely been passed on Internet, and these days reading more and more blogs always leads me to information overload, and that’s a very dangerous problem.

And these days I am having a new problem, (problems never leave me) , i left my job and started working online , not those online job which those mocking hi-tech company of new baneshwar called gives , No i dont work for them neither any other online  company in Nepal, i do a kind of freelancing , writing content and posting thread on new forums, and yeah i am making some decent money by this , i wont tell the exact figure but its more than  the Prime Minister of Nepal ( i am not boasting of it , ok ), Now the problem is that no one over here understand what i do ,i got amazed when i saw that even people who work in Internet didn’t understand what i do ,it really gets me hard to explain them what i do , Yes its a kind of new thing, but people dont believe me , i dont know what i have to show them so that they can believe what i do.

I hope I get this problem solved,


  1. I came across few of such forums where people meet with each other to give and get jobs like softwares and webpage design I knew a guy who actually showed me his digits in his paypal account earned from that forum. Forgot the name of those, I was not into that.

  2. Hey Bro I Just Love your blog and it's design.I am also working like u but i earn so low.I use microworkers only.Hey bro could u plz help me how to work in freelancer like odesk,and others.
    How can i get client international.Thank u.

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