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I am very excited today to announce the launch of This posts comes exactly after 12 days when i said Profermics will launch tomorrow. Well, i was heck of busy in making it perfect for the launch. Now, since i have launched it, you can go in and place your order for niche websites which costs only $39. :grin:

Why should you get a niche website?

Did you buy domains with thought to develop it one day or sell it for higher prices?

But now your enthusiasm to develop it has gone away and you simply see your domains parked at which does make you some penny but considering your investment in domain the return does not makes any sense. Considering this fact we have bought this exciting service of niche site development. If you have a spare domain with you and don’t have time to develop it then simply buzz us and we will make sure your domain gets a trendy websites with unique content and advertisement that pays you more than parking. Isn’t this an exciting service and that too at a low price of $39 which is lower than an average meal at McDonald’s?

Here are some samples sites that you might want to see before placing a order:

To place an order please use the form located here: Order Form
To find out more about the service please see the FAQ Section: Frequently Asked Questions

Please do remember each unique niche site costs only $39. Only requirement is that you should have your domain with you. You can though buy a domain for $5.99 over at too.

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