Finetunning My Life – Once again

Once, once, once again I setup this blog and once again I am trying to blog. I think i have changed my blog’s location for more than 5 times in last 2 years and I always promise to blog seriously but can never take off the ground. This is one site where I always wanted to put a blog and did it finally. Don’t go looking in the archives because it is too deep and you will find all sorts of posts in my blog.  Anyway I finally got this blog back up and running and hope to have some good posts here in up coming days.These days I back to my home town Butwal and am settled here for sometime now. I am working as a freelancer for quite sometime now –hmm almost 4 months and am doing some decent job rather than working 9 – 5 in an awkward office setup. You can see my main site to know more about I am doing currently. I have got a list of services mentioned there and you can have it done in very cheap prices. These days my main work is of Web content writer and Internet Marketing Consultant. I write content for website, blogs and forums and I also can promote websites online. Besides that I have also got experience in Search Engine Optimization and social media consulting.My next goal is to bring up a blog network with 100+ blogs. I already have some 6 blogs up and running and am working on few more. Hopefully, by the end of this year i will be able to have decent blog network. One more thing – I want a name for my blognetwork and i have no idea what to use. I would like to ask you will if you can suggest me any name for my blog network. It should be simple but more Web 2.0 typish name. Bring up some name and may be I could be using it.Hopefully, I will continue by blogging.


  1. Well, as per focus. I have really not set that kind of thing . I can and will blog on almost any topic that i can . I just dont want to put crap content on Internet but rather put some good articles.

    But basically , my blogs will be more focused on technology ,sports, lifestyle, entertainment kind of things.

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