Increasing Workload and Decreased Blogging

Well, the blogging part was once again taking a slight backstage so , i thought to post some couple of posts into my blogs. This time i seriously want to blog so anyway i have to find time for it.

Soemtimes i feel that it is great being a freelancer and working on your terms but again in other time the work load and lack of leave and holidays just make me feels that whay am i doing. I work 7 days a week from 8 AM in the morning to almost 7 Pm in the evening. Thers is no Sundays nor any Saturday for me. I dont have public holiday in my calendar and the only day i get free from work is when my 32Kbps Cable Internet Connection gets disconnected. Sometimes it goes out for almost whole day so i get a leave from my work.

Actually, i feel that i like to work more, i just dont work to make huge money but rather i just work because i love this work.  I find great satisfaction in smashing wordpress codes and running behind the web templates or even customizing the open source softwares. I just love it.  At first i used to do lots of free work and never thought of getting money for it. Well today i do make money out of it but still the love for all these things have not gone down.

I hope i will continue my Web Working for some years now and hopefully after that i may settle with a some corporate office of mine. Just a Dream !