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Blog Action Day 2008


Today is Blog Action Day 2008, and this year’s topic is Poverty. Leaving in a third world country called Nepal, i know very well what poverty means and how it effect once life.There are poor’s all around and you can see poverty creating a toil on them. There has been lots of talk on this issue but most of them end making resolution but don’t transform into any discret solution. Today on the Blog Action Day 2008 i urge everyone to do something for this issue. Donating money, doing fund raising is not long term solution.. What we need to do is actually eradicate the poverty from our society. I would like to quote a saying over here:

Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will eat forever


Blog Action Day has also posted a list of thing you can do help in its cause:

 88 Ways to DO Something About Poverty Right Now

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  2. abc Avatar

    perhaps, one way would be help people achieve things in their own way. instead of importing “development” from abroad.

    N plz make the Captcha words easier.

  3. suvodip mitra Avatar

    coulndt help but notice that in the picture, behind the old man, the board writing is in bengali. Is the photo of Nepal?

  4. Mohammad Tajim Avatar
    Mohammad Tajim

    No, i don’t think it is from Nepal. Bengali is not used in Nepal.. Perhaps this image might be of Bangladesh. I picked up this image in Flickr.