monday musings

Sometimes life can take you aback from what it gives to you. I have been working online since last 2 years and September has been the month which i can really say has turned the things for me. I started Profermics on 23rd August and after two days of its launch i was smashed by tons of projects. Well, this really made my life more happier but even brought in loads of work. Till last month i used to work till 2 AM but now i normally go to sleep at around 4-5 AM. Well this does not seem much of difference but ask me it really has created some kind of raze within myself. After such a growth i can finally pay some of due that i owe to my freinds. Well, its not much considering what i earn but still it sometime pisses me off that i pissed him with it. 😉

Coming to work, i am planning to open up my second office in Kathmandu very soon. I searched hard for good designer over in my place but when i saw no luck i decided to move to Kathmandu. Well, i won’t move there permanently but will keep moving in between places ( hmm, that’s gonna be lots of fun). I will probably be partnering with one of my long time friend with whom i started working online in 2006 since then we have collaborated on most of things that we do.

Till then, Eid Mubarak and Happy Dashain



  1. Id mubarak tajim bhai.. and happy dashain too…

    good to hear about your work… there’s a long way to go hehehe and we’re still kinda nowhere…

  2. Great news Tajim! Good to hear business is working out for you and I wish you all the luck with your new office. Just be careful – outsourcing/working remotely saves lot’s of costs in the beginning (a mistake I made myself) 🙂

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