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Why wasn’t as good as I thought?

Initially I was quiet excited to hear the launch of new English daily in Nepal called “Republica”. It is a new publication that was separated from the Mighty Kantipur Publication. The name Republica itself seems to be quiet trendy and being a web designer myself I thought they might just come up with a trendy website that will change the whole online media of Nepal.

I also heard from some insider source that Republica was going to focus heavily on online media but unfortunately my hopes were shattered seeing their website quality. Just see the screenshot of on its launch day .

First thing I would like to ask the folks at Republica. Who made this website? If it’s someone in-house then you better fire him because he or she doesn’t even know rats about the modern web design trends. Secondly, if it was outsourced then you better tell the name of that company cause this kind of web design is pathetic by any standard,

What’s really wrong? Everything is wrong.

Technical Part
Just go to W3C Markup Validator and check the website. There are freaking 258 Errors, 68 warning(s) alone for homepage. Some of the biggest errors are:

Validator was unable to determine Parse Method which means the Validator could not find in which language really the site was made. Is it HTML, XHTML or XML? It gave up searching it.

No DOCTYPE found!
Character encoding mismatch!

OK these are some technical terms that a professional web designer will easily understand but I don’t think the guy who made this website have any idea about them.

Now come to the General Opinion about the site’s look and displays:
Who really made the graphics for the site? The whole blueish color of the sites is just too lame for any viewer. It reminds me of some shanty websites made in era of The logo is cool but everything apart that just is too lame for me.

Sidebars are misplaced and there are a lot of white spaces between the title and the content. In the inner body part I guess the designer forgot to add margins around the image. Content and image are so attached to each other which make me feel that the site was made in too hurry.

The top slideshow of featured stories is probably copied from some free JavaScript code site and pasted as is without any change. It does not look part of the site from anywhere.

The search box on top right hand side of homepage too seems out of place.

I can go on and on detailing everything that is wrong in this site but lets stop with this much. I hope the administration of Dhumbarahi Media Pvt Ltd and editor – in – chief reads my review of and takes some action.

Only thing that is good about the websites is that they actually made it in first place. Secondly, there is a line on top of the page which says “BETA VERSION” (This website is still being fine-tuned)”. I hope they change the site’s layout before taking it out of BETA VERSION.

Lastly, I was also wondered seeing the site that why wasn’t it made on WordPress. There are lots of people in Republica who are pioneer bloggers of country and in my opinion they must have knowledge of what WordPress can do. Below I have added some links of free Magazine style WordPress theme which are free to use and can be used to make a much more good looking news site on WordPress than the site’s condition is now.

If you really want to see what a good news site might look like then see following sites:

I know these are US based sites and companies in Nepal cannot hire US based web design firm to make sites for them, but FYI there are tons of high quality web designers in Nepal who are actually making these kinds of sites and they would be more than happy to make a website for too that will stand out in comparison to these above listed US based sites

I didn’t see as I was sure it too is going to be a clone of

God Bless

P.S. I am not affiliated to Kantipur Publication or any other Media House of Nepal. I am a web designer from Nepal and I feel shame of the quality of designs that are made in my country.

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  1. ???? Avatar

    yeah !
    I feel the same about it. Although I’ven’t gone too deep.
    Anyway, your analysis is basis on actual facts. Hope they will get it.

  2. ???? Avatar

    Although, I’ve not gone so deep. Your analysis is grt.
    But in Nepal, in most of the cases these type of sites are failed to know the interest of public. They just made it. And so much technical fault.

  3. ???? Avatar

    Although, I’ve not gone so deep. Your analysis is grt.
    But in Nepal, in most of the cases these type of sites are failed to know the interest of public. They just made it. And so much technical fault.

  4. samyam Avatar

    u r correct dude. trying to influence this new company under ur sleeves. will nut happen. i hate this kinda culture in nepal. why cant u guys b creative n help each other instead of ripping one another out ??

    u think ur gonna get the deal from this media house ???

    u r such a joke jerk.

  5. Himali Avatar

    Hello Mohammad,
    I am not s web technical Persona but got lost of info after reading your comments.
    We make Online Radio program and share through Online website at
    we would really appreciate your comments about our site as well.
    We will be in touch.
    Thank You,

  6. Mohammad Tajim Avatar
    Mohammad Tajim

    @samyam You think i wrote this post to get the job from this media house. If you think so then let me clarify you, i am not interested to correct mistakes done by someone else.

    @Himali Yeah you can surely contact me. I am ready to help you guys anyway you want.

    @akar Thanks dude for your comment. My comment form is not faulty. Its just that all the comments go into moderation first time and they won’t show up here unless i don’t approve them


  7. dai Avatar

    I think they are still not in web 2.0 era. Moreover, we had little bit higher expectation; so lowering the bar may help.

    As you said, they started it : that is simply good step. Hope they will listen to our voices and fine tune it (you know Gmail has been beta for ages.)
    What I felt was: The navigation geometry is not also very good.

  8. Deelip K Avatar

    Pathetic is the word.
    They may be very good for the content, but we can not forgive them for this ‘careless’ website work.
    Lol, ‘Dai’.
    I might be wrong, but I don’t think that beta version means a version with lots of errors.

    1. Kumar Avatar

      Its been a year I left my country and my dear petnars, relatives and friends. Feels so lonely with this strangers. I miss my petnars specially when the festivals come and of course Dashain and Tihar 🙁

  9. samyam Avatar

    mr tajim,
    do u ever learn to appreciate others work n help in a very constructive way ???
    why do we always have to condemn and criticize others? the sense of might is right is no longer valid due. c’mmon, i dun think u r the only perfect designer of our time in Nepal ? do u ?

    wats ur point then ??

  10. Mohammad Tajim Avatar
    Mohammad Tajim

    @samyam Chill Buddy. did i say anywhere that i am the best designer of your time in Nepal? Hell No, there are lots of better folks doing great work in Nepal. In fact, i am not even a full time designer. My main work these days is as a webmaster.

    But to tell you fact , i cant help out these folks constructively. Dude, this is Not US of A where your words will be taken seriously. This is freaking Nepal where they will just kick your ass and say you that we don’t care what you bitch about. I have a lot of experience and long time history in teaching people what is wrong on their site “in a very constructive way”. But they just give a damn too it. That is why i came out with way. If you don’t like what i write over here then sorry i can’t help you in anyway.