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So here’s a Vibrant – NePALI Blogosphere !!!

Its been long since i first started blogging . It was back in 2005 . but sine then i never had continuity to my blog. I had too stop blogging for diffrent reasons and today when i again started blogging i found that nepali blogosphere has really grown up and is growing continously. When i started there were mearly few blogs and mostlly political blogs who were trying to create a movement against King Gyanendra’s Autocratic regime. And today when i checked back again i found there are whole lots of blogs, and even female bloggers blogging about anything from there daily life to Peace talks. Its been really great to see nepali blogosphere developing.

Today when i was just searching net, I found this new site ” NepaliVoices“. At first i thought it would be just another nepali site but when i saw its contents i was just amazed. It had a list of all nepali blogs found till today and the things written in the blog were quite encouraging for a nepali bloggers. And finally i found that this site was of none other than the co-founder of pioneer blog in the UWBUjjwal Acharya. I knew at once that he is the only man who can do this . Intially his personal blog too had a directory of nepali blogs and finally he has dedicated a complete website for this. Thanks to him.

I hope the nepali blogosphere keeps growing everyday and take blogs to become a mainstream media in Nepal. (InshaAllaha)