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Multiple Ideas, Multiple Thoughts, Single Person = Not Happening

Once upon a time, no this is not a story but actually few years ago a doctor told me that my mind if wired in a weird way. He said that my reflexes are way too quick than a normal person, in-fact 10 times more faster than an average human being. I seriously don’t know […]

So here’s a Vibrant – NePALI Blogosphere !!!

Its been long since i first started blogging . It was back in 2005 . but sine then i never had continuity to my blog. I had too stop blogging for diffrent reasons and today when i again started blogging i found that nepali blogosphere has really grown up and is growing continously. When i […]


Peace At LAst This was the Headline in today’s The Himalayan Time. Then ran the line Seven- part alliance, Maoist leaders sign historic agreement to end decade-long conflict. At morning when i was getting back from my college i saw this headline. I had heard the earlier day that some historic agreemnt is underway in […]

a try .. once again

I had been thinking to start my own site for quite a long time but i never had a good design for my site . I wished i too had some solid design for my website. So, finally today i tried my hand out and made this template. Its still in edit mode and color […]

Finally i have started Blogging!!!


No Seriously. i wasn’t blogging around 1990’s. This post is only to increase my archive.