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Multiple Ideas, Multiple Thoughts, Single Person = Not Happening

Once upon a time, no this is not a story but actually few years ago a doctor told me that my mind if wired in a weird way. He said that my reflexes are way too quick than a normal person, in-fact 10 times more faster than an average human being. I seriously don’t know what that means but now i have started to experience it. I wish it was in a good way but now this awesome ability of mine has started to bog me down.

As many of you know, i make sites and since last 1 years i have tried to cut down on outsourcing work and tried to focus on my building own sites. What has happened with me is that i have like tons of ideas in my mind and i work alone and i try to work all those ideas. Yes! Gurus say that you should only focus on one thing at one time so that you can focus on it 100% but as read above problem is with my mind. It’s wired in a weird way. I have become addicted to Multi-tasking.

There are people in Startup world who say they have no idea what to work on. But here i am with 101 ideas in my mind and trying to do all of it at once and that has seriously halted my career. I have made more sites than i count on. Heck, there are complete web applications that are sitting ideal in my Hard drive which i have not even bothered to upload them on internet.

Besides, i don’t have any partner, co-founders, friends, mentors or gangs with whom i can discuss about my ideas and plans and who could tell me what to do and what not do. Half of my friend have no jack shit clue what i do and other half are way busy with what they do. Above that, i live in a small town, so only interaction that i can have with like minded people is either on Twitter or Facebook which you very well know does not compare to real world interaction. Sometimes this feel so much frustrating. I even try/plan to move to bigger city but with my past shenanigans, i fear something bad will happen again or i will break someone’s heart again. I have done that and don’t want to do it again.

So, coming back to Multiple ideas things, right now i have like 10 sites in progress. I made their mockup, coded them in WordPress and they are sitting just like that waiting to be uploaded. As per upload, i don’t know when that will happen. Few days later, my mind will conceive a new idea and i will get down and dirty with it and will probably forget that current 10 sites that i have in process.

I have tried all sorts of project management, time management and every other management thing to do it properly but i think ultimately i will have to wipe out everything and start afresh with just one idea that i truly love and truly want to succeed with.

My family says, do something that makes money. But i have made money and only ability to make money does not excites me anymore. (Yeah, that is a line from The Social Network – Movie) but guess what that actually applies to some people. I may not have millions or billions of dollars but i do know how to make money that will give you a decent life and i don’t want to make money doing things that i don’t like or which has no future. I have already spent 5 years of career working for others and now i just don’t want to do that all over again for rest of my life.

I hope i can set my mind to do one thing and focus my awesome mind in it and do it in the very best way.

Thanks for reading my rant.

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  1. James Avatar

    Just create dots for yourself now. They’ll sure connect in future. That’s what i’m trying to do now. Hopefully we can work on something together!


  2. santosh malla Avatar
    santosh malla

    Bro…thats a fact it happen…sometime…that we try to think like a multitasking…but it wont workout in the end….just that will bother ur mind and ur concentration ….some time i too feel like the same…but cant make out but u r far better then me….into that….i am just a techie person…so i can think like the way u think…and in the end i get frustration only yar…

  3. Roshan Avatar

    So you’re becoming a web Leonardo Da Vinici? Hope you keep innovating on ideas that scale on long run! Best wishes.