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Lets Unite !!!

Bloggers Association of Nepal

NepaliVoices has proposed a Bloggers Association of Nepal. I guess its a good move to formally unite all the bloggers of Nepal.Though there is no exact data of how many bloggers are there actually in nepal but though this step will certainly help in getting all the bloggers together as well as motivate more individuals and even corporates to start blogging. In many countries blogging is compares to mainstream media. Blogs can even influence the political movement of a country. even in Nepal, blogs like UWB and Mysansar have been providing breaking news and indepth coverage of many events even during the Censorship on Media by the Kings Goverment. So, i guess even in Nepal, blogs can play a vital role in influencing a society and create some change .

NepaliVoices have propesed some plan for the ” Bloggers Association of Nepal ” (BLOGAN) which are as follows:

All the bloggers identified as regular and Nepali by origin would be listed as members unless they choose not to, every blogger is a member.

BLOGAN will be a nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting, protecting and educating its members; supporting the development of ‘blogging’ as a distinct form of media; and helping to extend the power of the press, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails, to every citizen.

BLOGAN will also celebrate diversity of experience, purpose and opinion thus creating an environment where they can blog as freely as they used to as an individual. It will also believe in the freedom of expression. BLOGAN will accept anonymous bloggers as members provided that it could be confirmed he/she is a Nepali.

These are few points kept forward by NepaliVoices. I hope this plan succeeds and Nepali Blogosphere makes voices of Nepal heard in all over the world.