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working on network of blogs !!!

Its coming … i can feel it .

I had been thinking to have my own network of sites and blogs like b5media or 9rules. I always browsed through these sites and thought what made them stand so ahead of us. These networks were not made by big boys of Internet  but rather small wanna be geeks like me who were so dedicated that they made there own road ad now are walking on it . Blogging has always fasicanted me since i first published my first blog on blogger and till today it has kept me hiptonised. Right now working to have a network of blogs ranging from as many categories as possible.
I have recently started which is focused to nepali blogospher. Here You will find summary of day to day blogs of diffrent nepali blogs. Although right now its in transitional process. I am trying to put a single post each day in it. But its litle hard to do that now since my other works. But i have dream to become a problogger and take up blogging as full time job. Some people may think that blogging is just a time pass work but thats wrong my dear. You can actually make a decent living out of blogging. You just need to be focused about it,should be technically sound and never cheat yourself.
I hope my desire to become a problogger come true.

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  1. Avinashi Paudel Avatar

    gr8 step
    move ahead.
    blogosphere gotta be cleansed

  2. Ujjwal Acharya Avatar

    Good luck for becoming a pro-blogger!

  3. ZadeD Avatar

    oh so it is yours! i was wondering ko hola bhanera.. ha ha ha though i don’t know you too still i think that’s a wonderful thing to do and an encouragement for bloggers. Thanks for linkin some of my hawa kura too 🙂

  4. Vahsek Avatar

    I knew it was yours. And from you and Hari I learnt how to monetise blogs. M making handsome sum of money from one personal and three tech-blogs.

  5. nikesh Avatar

    I am learning with Tajim so would like to Thank you.