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Well, its been a long time since i have blogged anything. These days i am bit busy in some other offline project and trying to solve my personal problems. To update all of you on what’s going in my life here is a bit of rant from my side. These days i have been busy in following things:

  • working on my startup (almost in final stage)
  • analyzing my business model
  • planning on new website and reanalyzing to power up old website in my portfolio.
  • just got back from Kathmandu after a quick little working vacation.
  • in between of somewhere in love

Well, i am really excited to become the CEO of my new web development company. I have got some good plans for it and hope i will get success in it. But some people have real problem of what i am doing. Leaving them alone.

The Startup Part
Moving on, for last one years my main focus has been on writing content and all those things but now onwards i plan to take on other web services projetcs too more often. I will  also focus on maximizing my portfolio of website and will engage in other marketing and promotion part of my company. I am going through a transition from a full time freelancer to a corporate entity. I hope i get success in this too as my previous endeavors. I have thought a name for the company but i will reveal that only on the first day of startup.

Initially, i will be starting with web content development only, but gradually i will hire web designers and other professional too to increase and expand the services. But, i am in a some doubt that it will be hard to find good professionals for this work in my place, so i may have to outsource the work for a couple of months in initial phase. Well, i hope i can get started with this startup with this month.

The New Business Model
This is going to be very important. Until now, i have focused on only one source to get my work and projects. I have been working more online and tried to indulge in offshore projects but now i may also promote my services in my local area and through out Nepal. I want a client base mixed up from both the market. I know it very well, that i can gain more by targeting online clients but that is not going to build any reputation in the place i live. I have to spread my wings in local market too so that at least some more people will know what i do in front my computer.

Website Portfolio
I have already build a good amount of website ranging from Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, etc. But the problem with those sites is that they don’t get updated even once after i publish them online. I know very well that they can fetch me good amount of money if i can use them properly but till now i have been lazy to work on them. But now i am have decided that i will gradually and slowly start them all over and continuously add more niche and specific sites to the list. I have lots of idea and plans in my mind about websites and i hope i can get success with that too.

The Working Vacation
Well, that’s my irony, i cannot take a complete vacation just to relax and have fun. I have to chip in a small vacation while i am touring some other place for work or business. This was same this time too. I just got back from Kathmandu where i had gone to get new systems for my startup and was able to have some fun together with work. The best part of this working vacation was learning the game of Bowling in United Bowling Center at the top floor of United World Trade Center situated in Tripureshwar in Central Kathmandu. Well, i was the newbie in the game and was playing first time in my life but i was able to beat the experienced Deelip twice once in the game :-P. Lol, that was crazy. He said, “I am a Quick Learner”. Well, i am.


  1. welcome tajim bhai to the ‘real’ world.. now be ready to be robbed! i’ve a song for you– hum lut gayey.. haain lut gayeein…. hehehehe what did you feeel haan? wink! wink!

    i liked the idea of the post abt your company! Actually am more eager to see it taking off..

    Best of luck

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