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trying hard to blog !!!

I dont know why but whenever i try to blog i get into problems. I still remember the day when i first thought to blog. It took me more than a month just to figure out which platform i would be using and what will be the theme and what will be the domain. Actually its my own attitude’s problem – the more i try to be a geek i get into more problems and which result into irregularities in my blog. Even though i started blogging way back in 2005 i couldnt continue it and just few days back i was once again planning to continue blogging but suddenly my domain got expired . and it would be silly to say that i didnt had money to renew it . Now i was screwed. I dont know why everytime i get into such circumstances.

But anywa here i would like to announce you all that –

If you have using the domain to check my blogs then plz modify it to now onwards.

( actually i too have registred in my name , but i dont know why it never worked for me from the day one . You can still check it . just goto — you will get ” Cannot Find Server ” – I have mailed Mos manytimes for this but never got any reply . If anyone from MOS is reading this then plz kindly solve my problem.)


3 responses

  1. avinashi Avatar

    Thats y they say…Blog is not the bed of roses… keep tryin…u got really nice blogging-sense

  2. nikesh Avatar

    Well,Tajim its very very hard to blog. We blog because we want to give our view…and i really agree with avinashi that you have nice blogging-sense.

  3. Tajim Avatar

    Thanks Nikesh, For you comment. Though its hard to blog but its get easy once you get dedicated to it