Terai is burning ! Anyone is listening

Terai is burning, and you may think what the hell these desis are doing. Are they planning to take Terai into India. For common people from hilly region or even people with Hilly accent living in Terai region, it must be amazing to see these madeshi buring buses and pubic property.
But my dear friend, this was inevitable, people of terai were suppressed for decades. and when there is suppression , a revolution is born. The autocratic king supressed nepalese so , Maoist were born and now when the Pahadis have been suppresing madhesis for decades, another revolution has been born. I am not supporting the way these madehis groups are figthing for there rights. But i would support there cause. They are fighting for something which was unknown to the world. They are fighting for there existence. Go and see in terai, how much those so called Hakims and Subba saabs of government offices treat a Madhsi. Go and see the District Administration Office in any terai district , how the CDO calls a Madheis an “Indian”. Just imagine, how it feels when someone tells you a traitor right on your face.

I dont support the violence, but in a democracy everyone has right to speak and self determeination does not mean separation

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  1. Yepp…
    “when there is suppression , a revolution is born”
    Indeed this is the 3rd law of Newton : every action has equal and opposite reaction…..

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