About Zokimo

Ever tried selling anything on Internet from Nepal to customers outside of Nepal ? Do you see how hard it is? That is the problem we are trying to solve at Zokimo.

Zokimo is the solution to the problem that Nepali freelancers face while trying to compete on global stage. Zokimo allows Nepali freelancers, small business owners and digital product creators to sell their product and services to a worldwide audience and then get paid directly to their Nepali bank account without jumping hundreds of legal and technical hoops.

Our goal is the make it as easy as possible for freelancers and small business owners from Nepal to make a living by what they love.

About Author

Mohammad Tajim

I make websites, that's what i have done for last 17 years or so. Also, made and run WPMunk and MetricThemes. You can check out my tweets on @tajim
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