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New nepali Bloggers directory

I was planning for this one but  its already made by someoe else. A new nepali bloggers directory has just been lauched called It has a list of about 170  regular and non-regular blogs. This site is made by Archana Shrestha who is also an freelance web designer. The whole idea of the site is good i hope it will deveope itself more and more in future but one thing i felt bad about the site is its black color scheme , as a web designer and having a little knowledge about design i think the color scheme of the site is not that good , the content is very well maintained by  i guess the site could  be made more better in terms of design. 

But still i think so much of things happening in nepali blogosphere , i hope the future is bright.

Happy Blogging 

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  1. xeric Avatar

    oye hello mr. tajim, just dont comment only because u dont like the black color.

    just browse the google, u will get loads of websites which contains black scheme and even the websites of good contents with black scheme.

    better, u say, u dont like the black color. just finished. but dont say that, it would be better…..coz–everyone knows that…..every next second there is another development….in every sector of life!!

  2. Tajim Avatar

    Thanks for the comment Mr, Xeric.

    but what i didnt liked i said that , you know every body has freedom of expression. you like black so may be you are advocating about it but i dont think it looksgood that way

  3. Admin Nepali Bloggers Avatar

    Tajim जि,

    हामी तपाईं को बिचारको सम्मान गर्छौ । डिजाइनरको लागि सबै रङ समान हो, सबै रङहरु ले आ_आफ्नै भूमिका खेलेको हुन्छ black अर्थात कालो/अध्यारो हो, अध्यारोमा धेरै कुरा गर्न कष्टकर हुन्छ तर हेर्नुस् त हाम्रा नेपाली ब्लगरहरु अध्यारोमै तारा जस्तै चम्किनु भएको छ । 🙂

  4. bhupen Avatar

    a great step in the right direction. We should encourage her to do even better.

  5. Bhupendra Avatar

    We have to encourage this lady. She is doing a great job. The Nepali Blogs are taking on and they are dominating the entire “Nepali web” I am optimistic that there will be many more such blogs directory.

    Thought you guys might like this one, its over here, but this one is under BETA mode.

    I am hoping by the end of this year there will be as many as 5 blogs directories all working together to promote collectively Nepali Bloggers.

  6. Navin Avatar

    myan,i read somewhere on your blog, that
    you’ve been doing this for more than 2 years.
    well, mine is just 2 months. But, i’m dedicated
    to what i’m doing. Blogging rocks.. really..
    i can write my explosive article, sent couple
    of copies to governments email/corporate email/or
    whoever it’s concerned and let them hear what
    is really affecting.. moreover, it’s read by
    entire netizens..
    anyway, regarding that black color, i think
    it’s designers choice and it’s by the way cool.
    my fav colour too black and i liked that theme
    pretty much.
    Hope you won’t take it seriously, and keep
    smiling bro

  7. Tajim Avatar

    Hi Navin ,

    I dont hate black color , and your blog is
    als good . Keep Blogging

  8. bhupen Avatar

    also see simple and ad free directory of nepali blogs fully categorised which is at

  9. gckarki Avatar

    your blogs are also good.thanks

  10. Durga Avatar

    nice job