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New Delhi Musings Part -III

Please read the first and second part of this story before continuing here:
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Fast Forwards 2009 February 1 12:30 AM, I landed in New Delhi Station with an exciting idea and a vogue plan. This time my idea was to start my own Company in India. Yes, you heard it right; the same guy who could not land up a job in same place back in 2005 is now here to start his own venture. Might sound herculean task to some but for me its piece of cake. I already have an office running in my home with around 3 people working full time for me and here I am looking forward to add few more. If you don’t know what my company or venture is called then here it is: It’s – Domain Development Simplified. This is it. My story from 2005 to now. More will be updated later when life  progresses ahead.

I thank you a lot if you have read all three parts of this story and have come down till here. My life never had such ups and downs since start. It only started when I started to dream big. After facing all these situations all I can say is that , Believe in Yourself – Have Faith in God – And Move ahead.