Hanging Hussein

This was the title i saw today morning on CNN and below it was the old face of Saddam Hussein. Sometimes i feel that what America is doing is good. They are always good.They are the powerful. I think they should now attack Iran and Syria too and hang Mahmood Ahmedijan too. But what i dont understand is till when will they keep fighthing for the name of War against Terror. American forces invaded Iraq in search of Weapons of Mass Distruction and till now they have no idea when and where are they going to find it. But i am sure one day again in name of WMD they will attack Iran and destroy it too.American Invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan was just not against Terrorism , it was a war against whole Islamic feternity of world. Every Muslim in world is suspected being a Terrorist. Moreover in West, muslims who had been living there for ages are now treated as aliens.
An Iraqi judge ordered Saddam to be hanged, and be hanged in just in 30 days. Whole world knows Saddam Hussein is just being made scapegoat. If Saddam is to be hanged for mass killing of 180 Shites in Dujail 2 decades ago then George Bush and Tony Blair should too be hanged because there forces have killed thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan. But no, they wont be hanged because there is a saying ” History turns to one who is powerfull ” and right now West is powerful then East. So they dictate the world as they say. But i am sure that day will come when there will be justice, some one will defy American Dream of ruling the world.

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