Go Hustle

If you are following Gary Vaynerchuk on Twitter and have watched his keynotes and speeches then you know what hustle actually means. I am a big fan of Gary and try to follow what he says.  If you do not know what hustling is then go follow him on Twitter and see how he engages with his followers and learn the way he puts himself up in front of the crowd.

He is not a robot neither he hires assistants to tweet for him. He responds to most his @replies on twitter but still runs two different companies and makes millions of dollars each year. That is by no means a small feat. He has worked hard and so can you.

2011 has just started so make a New Year resolution well, in fact don’t make a resolution rather make a revolution in your life. Go work hard, work smart, hustle in your life, make changes and spread smile.

Wishing you a very Happy and prosperous New Year!

Good Luck and Keep Hustling!

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