Getting the funding for any startup – its tough!!

For last couple of weeks i am looking to start my own company and get some websites done so that I can diversify my income source. Writing web content and designing website for others is a good work but you can never be satisfied by doing it only. As per starting my own company and doing the things of myself is considered, it gives a bunch of satisfaction. But still there is some huge problem with it and that’s about Funding. A startup requires some good amount of working capital to ensure things move on smoothly. Without any funding you won’t move even an inch.

Now, what should i do if i don’t have funding of my own? I think i should resort to banks, but wait they won’t give me any money unless i don’t show them that i am capable of returning it or hold any mortgage. Well, I don’t have any thing to place for my loan neither my business proposal will make it possible that they give me loan against it. Finally, there is only one way that i can get a loan and that’s getting some payday loan. There are many companies that provide payday loan easily on your future credit card and business receivables and as I am able to bring those quick sales i will surely apply for one. Let’s hope i get a god amount of business loan to star my company.

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