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Digg the Power

Digg it !. Thats what all the diggers are doing and i did it too yesterday . Thought i have been using digg to find articles but i never dugg there till yesterday and when i dugg my first blog post in Digg i saw its power. In just 18 Hrs the numbers of hits […]

Lost in Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is fascinating me. I am digging content, bookmarking it and syndicating RSS Feeds. If this sounds alien to you then you must be living in a very old age. This is the age of Web 2.0. Forget brust of dotcom bubble. It was way back in 90s . Now its the time for […]

working on network of blogs !!!

Its coming … i can feel it . I had been thinking to have my own network of sites and blogs like b5media or 9rules. I always browsed through these sites and thought what made them stand so ahead of us. These networks were not made by big boys of Internet  but rather small wanna […]