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Ok. Back again

Finally, I am back again to Ktm. Wooh its cold here.  Went to see CAN INfotech 2007. Actually what i expected in CAn Infotech, i got the same thing – lots and lots computer institutions advertising there courses… and computer shops displaying then costly and badly configured laptops. Well i also got to see a Macbook for the first time but it didnt impressed me that much. Yeah […]

Digg the Power

Digg it !. Thats what all the diggers are doing and i did it too yesterday . Thought i have been using digg to find articles but i never dugg there till yesterday and when i dugg my first blog post in Digg i saw its power. In just 18 Hrs the numbers of hits i got to my blog was higest since its existence. I was amazed […]

Lost in Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is fascinating me. I am digging content, bookmarking it and syndicating RSS Feeds. If this sounds alien to you then you must be living in a very old age. This is the age of Web 2.0. Forget brust of dotcom bubble. It was way back in 90s . Now its the time for Web 2.0. Now you make ask – What’s this Web 2.0 exactly ? […]

working on network of blogs !!!

Its coming … i can feel it . I had been thinking to have my own network of sites and blogs like b5media or 9rules. I always browsed through these sites and thought what made them stand so ahead of us. These networks were not made by big boys of Internet  but rather small wanna be geeks like me who were so dedicated that they made there own […]