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Boaring Saturday !

Many of you must be get thrilled to get holidays but for me a holiday is like a day in a jail without any work, no internet, no blogs. For  quite some saturdays i had made myself busy in atleast in some work but this saturday – Ohh my god ! its was like a long boaring day. I got up early in the morning and  did some regular things and by 9 Am i had no work to do . My computer at home too is quite sick becaue its RAM has become quite old now so  i had nothing to do on my Pc too.  And then i decided to go to Ratnapark where i found lots of like minded people who have no work or no job and they just seat there solving problmes from singhdurbar to  middle east .

And finally by 1 Pm i got some work or say some place where i could some time . I went to Thamel to see “Project: Peace Thamel 2006”. It was a kind of dance party but the crowd was not to my expectation. There are more people in our Butwal street festival then one i saw in thamel yesterday. But i saw quite a lot hippiein the crowd who were smoking marjuana and hasis as if they have no care of the world. That was my first time i saw those ppl. I had heard that there used to be hippies in ktm lonh ago but had vanished by 90’s.