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Hi Everyone,

Well, it seems like i cannot and for sake really i cannot blog regularly. I have been trying this for sometime now and this is perhaps fourth or fifth time that i have decided to blog once again. Few days ago while chatting with Deelip he said me that i was missing something real huge. Well, i thought that whether i have some thing to pay to him or what, but then when he said the real thing that made me shook for a moment.

He said me "i was missing blogging and advised me to blog at least somewhere. Well, after hearing him i really felt that what i am up to I say everyone that i am a blogger and manage few good number of blogs but the fact is that i have been not able to update my own blog. That’s really sad.

Well, i wont say that i will blog again and regularly and all those thing since i cannot keep my promise. These days i have bombarded with huge work from Digital Point and need to work about 18hrs a day to complete them. Besides that i am also working on few of my other sites like:

These all work load and sheer pressure of deadlines have made me worker more harder than i used to work in my 9-5 work life in various companies for last 2-3 years.

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Mohammad Tajim

I make websites, that's what i have done for last 17 years or so. Also, made and run WPMunk and MetricThemes. You can check out my tweets on @tajim

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  1. Well, buddy!
    Tell me one thing, don’t you ever get tired of working?
    May be you should throw some lines about that while resting.

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