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April 10 – CA Polls – its finally here

So, finally i will be voting today for the historical CA polls. Well, i have not yet decided which party or to which candidate i will be giving my vote but i am really excited only by the fact that i will be casting my opinion to change the future of this country. Without getting into much detail on what is CA polls and how to cast your vote and all those blah blah. I just want to say that, CA polls stands for Constituant Assembly Polls which will elect members for the board that will write the new constituions of our country.

Historians say that this poll was due in Nepal since 1947 A.D. when the then King Tribhuwan decided to bring democracy in Nepal from the Rana rulers. But after hopping 60+ years we are finally on verge of CA polls. Lets hope it goes fine without any disruption.

PS: I really doubt that MB’s will not create any ruckus if and if they loose the Poll.