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I was in no mood to write this blog post but since of fear that i might just loose the momentum in blogging so i thought lets post few words. Today i will simply add few lines about what’s going on in my life. I am writing these not only because i want you guys to know about my life but i seriously want to have laugh a year down when i see my post back in archives.

Well, my work is really going cool and i am flying high. But seriously the increasing number of work and the pending list is also soaring with my work load. I am just not able to complete the things at right time. I say my clients that i will do the work in 24hrs but it normally tends to go up to 48 hrs before i complete it. Moreover the load shedding as hell bent me to work overtime. Actually i can finish my work even in allotted time but these extra line cut has taken those precious 8 hrs of my time. This is the irony of living in a third world country. You have to fight with the limited resources to get maximum output. And as my self made quote goes:

"Your have to work thrice in Nepal to complete once of America"

That’s a crazy quote but i have made it to keep me motivated.

Now coming to my work plans. These days i am looking forwards to Digg and Stumbleupon more seriously. I am following the social media more crazily than ever before and hope to become a power user soon. But lets see how things fold because nothing is sure in with me. Besides that’s i am also planning to go on "Tour India 2008" along with Deelip. We will be traveling across the length and breadth on India. We haven’t planned for it as of yet where we will land up but stil this project is in the pipeline. I have also thought that we will blog about this whole tour and make sure all our expenses are paid by the blog.

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  1. Jennifer Lancey Avatar

    Hello there. I was sent a link to your blog by a friend a while ago. I have been reading a long for a while now. Just wanted to say HI. Thanks for putting in all the hard work.

    Jennifer Lancey

  2. Deelip K Avatar

    “Your have to work thrice in Nepal to complete once of America”
    But true yeah.