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a day without internet

Well, i never felt it would be that hard. But somehow i passed. it. I was without internet for almost 1 and half day. My wireless internet router which connects me to the ISP server was down and i was not able to fix it. I called my ISP but they had no clue of what went wrong. So, i decide to fix it myself. Well, thats the part of life i guess and living in this this world country you have to face those things. But its really heck of a headache to live without internet and not working for that long. I don’t know how was life before i started freelancing. Sounds Weird…

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  1. Deelip K Avatar

    So you fixed that yourself?

  2. Mohammad Tajim Avatar
    Mohammad Tajim

    Yeap buddy. you know i have some small geek thing in me which motivates me to do all those stuffs

    Well, the issue was not much big so i thought to give it a hand