A day in the life of a freelancer

One day you get up and see lots of orders for your service in your inbox, another day you get up and see clients shouting on you and whereas one day comes when you really feel that why had you chosen this life.

There are more ups and downs in the life of a freelancer then anyone else. One moment you feel that you live life as a king whereas on some other moment you feel that you are the only unwanted person of this world. Well, this happen with everyone who freelances and there are ways you have to cope with it.

You have chosen this life on your own; no one forced you to work as a freelancer. So, now when you feel exhausted with your work then it is you who has to consolidate yourself.

Well, this is the case with me right now. I am going through lots of ups and downs for last 1 week. At the start of the week I got tons of projects and made some good money but now at the end of the week when I have completed most of the work i am running out of projects, I feel like what I should do to keep the momentum going.

The biggest problem since I started freelancing is that at one moment I am overflowing with project and would think that I have earned more than my limit and am secure now while few days later when I will have no work to do then i start feeling a lot insecure about the future and just wonder what will happen if I don’t get any project from now onwards.

Deep inside in my heart, I know that I will surely get some decent amount of work right tomorrow but still I can’t control my feeling. I don’t know but I really get scared sometime simply thinking of what will happen in future.

And this feeling is not new to me. Since I started freelancing as a web content publisher, I have been getting same kind of feeling. One day I have more than enough to work on while some days I really have to think of some alternative to make money. But as soon as I start searching for something else, I suddenly start getting projects again. I can’t really understand the vicious circle through which I am going right now.

I guess this is what is called professionalism. Handling the situation when you are about to be kicked out of the business.


  1. Yes exactly, reading your article makes me remember my old days on freelancing. But you know! Those were the best person who knows what to do next while going through suffers, and in your language; about to be kicked out of the business 🙂

    Best of luck

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