Why i love blogging but still can’t do it ?

Blogging is simply not an easy task. I force myself each day to write atleast a single post but it simply does not happens.  Even on this blog am posting only after 3 days.  Ahh.. if this is progress that i wont be a problogger any day. Anyway, now i have decided that i wont stop it here. I have preapred myself to blog daily.

The very first thing what hinders me from blogging is my work. The sheer load of work that comes each day really pulls eveything out of me. Well, you wont belive, last week i was almost on a marathon of writing articles. I wrote about 30 articles in 2 days time working from 8 AM to midnight. Wooh! that was really neck breaking. But now i have got used to it. These days i have found that the idea just comes from top of my mind. When i write articles on some common topic, i simply dont have to think twice. My fingers just flow the words automatically. I dont know how this happens but it is happening.

Anyway, lets come to the point.  Blogging was creating some kind of toil on me, so i decided to clean up my portfolio. I sold two of my prominent blogs:  Feedbytes.com and Bloganics.com.  Both have gone to safe hands. I have some more blogs in hand and i aslo maintain some blogs of Deelip (Nintynine Problems). He has a wealth of blogs and i dont know how many more he has which i don’t know. I plan to write in almost 5-6 blogs per day but my work is not allowing that. Now i have decided to diversify my business to bring in new oppurtunities. I might slow up at first but the decision i have taken will really help me…

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